Health plans feel more confident when their facilities are evaluated and certified by SleepSite

The SleepSite evaluation process ensures health plans’ sleep medicine facilities, sleep study facilities, at-home sleep study programs, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) facilities are certified. SleepSite stresses industry best practices are followed so patients consistently receive safe, quality care.

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The three tenets SleepSite stands by:


Devotion to patient safety by relying on top-grade healthcare


Dedication to reducing healthcare costs


Determination to boost accredited sleep center quantity and quality


Onsite and desktop audits validate the integrity of SleepSite certification. They help check the accuracy of reported information and ensure the highest standards are delivered. Audits also enable facilities to receive expert guidance in corrective action (as needed) and continuous improvement in safety, quality, and clinical practices.


SleepSite evaluates the following areas before granting certification.

Facility captures essential information in respect to services offered, demographics, and key standards, such as required licensure.

Equipment addresses standards for equipment capabilities, maintenance, and FDA approval.

Personnel assess the qualifications and experience of professionals and employees, ensuring the highest standards in continued education, patient ratio, and more are met.

Policies and Procedures includes a review of general policies and procedures, as well as patient acceptance, management of medical records, protocols, emergency procedures, compliance, and more.

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