ANNOUNCING: HealthHelp’s September Employees of the Month

October 12, 2017

HealthHelp is excited to announce the Employees of the Month for September 2017. Each month we recognize employees for outstanding achievement and excellence. Winners are determined by votes and nominations from their coworkers.

Congratulations, winners! Thank you for being a part of our team!

Linda Lounsbury, Customer Service Representative
East Greenbush Call Center

My name is Linda and I have been with HealthHelp for over two years now. Prior to joining HealthHelp, I worked in retail for over eighteen years and earned a degree in Business Management. On the weekends, I love being a wedding photographer and spending time with my husband, with whom I just celebrated my third wedding anniversary!

Alina Tate, Customer Service Representative
West Houston Call Center

Coming from Louisiana, Houston has been my home for the past twelve years. My background is in customer service and I have found a home with the HealthHelp family. During my first year with the company, I have instilled a sense of reliability and even earned the name “Awesome Alina”! With my team, I look forward to coming to serve each day and assisting every client I speak to.

Heather DeStefano, Clinical Reviewer
Clinical Team Winner

I have been an RN since 1991 and worked at our local hospital prior to joining the HealthHelp team. Previously, I worked as a charge nurse for medical/surgery, float pool, and finally as a Clinical Documentation Specialist. My husband is currently employed as an outpatient coordinator for psychiatric care and we have three wonderful sons. I have grown to love my new family at HealthHelp and I am grateful for the positive environment!


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