Promoting High-Quality, Cost-Efficient Care

The Direct program brings together HealthHelp’s Site and Consult programs to complete the cycle of quality and cost-efficient care for health plan members. By focusing on providing the right procedure at the right time at the right place, Direct also helps payers realize significant cost savings.

Program Overview

The program makes it easy for providers to direct patients to the most appropriate facility for their diagnostic and/or treatment needs.

Direct allows providers to search and refer patients to facilities based on the following criteria:

  • Convenient location
  • Appropriate procedures/services
  • High quality ranking (per the Site certification program)
  • Lower cost for treatment.

Direct contributes to network optimization efforts by noting when providers refer their patients to designated high-quality facilities and flagging them when they do not.

Directing patients to high-quality, low-cost facilities leads to efficiencies that can result in substantial cost savings for payers.

The Direct Program helps steer scheduling to the facilities that provide the best value by offering selection based on the following options:

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