The HealthHelp Difference

A collaborative approach, with an emphasis on quality and safety – that’s the HealthHelp difference.

The customary denial-based approach as a means to lower expenditures only addresses a short-term solution, rather than the long-term behavioral changes that are needed to discourage defensible medicine and improve patient outcomes. To move healthcare forward, HealthHelp has designed services to shift away from the traditional models that have been weighing the healthcare industry down. The HealthHelp difference is found in our collaborative methodology, which is focused on quality, safety, and overall patient care. Our business model has established us as leaders in the specialty benefits management industry.


How do we stand apart from the competition?

HealthHelp offers transparent, best-in-class clinical guidelines developed from the latest evidence-based research. We focus on patient safety through peer-to-peer consultation with nationally recognized experts and close monitoring of ordering patterns to prevent improper treatment.


HealthHelp is moving healthcare forward with:

  • An Innovative collaborative utilization model to achieve best results for payors, providers and patients;
  • Intuitive clinical decision support to providers based on an appropriateness scale;
  • Informative, independently-researched and evidence-based guidelines used to educate physicians on clinical best practices; and
  • Intelligent consultation from our sub-specialty staff of academic experts and practicing physicians.