The steady stream of newer, faster, and more accurate technologies provides physicians with powerful tools to diagnose and treat diseases ranging from broken bones to heart disease to cancer.


But these technologies can drastically inflate medical costs when they are


  • overused,

  • misused,

  • owned by physicians who refer their own patients for tests and treatments, or

  • unnecessarily used by doctors who fear legal liability.


In this environment, maintaining quality and safety while reducing expense requires robust, clinically correct specialty benefit management.


HealthHelp achieves these goals by working with board-certified subspecialists affiliated with leading universities, such as Thomas Jefferson University and the University of Washington, to develop appropriateness guidelines consistent with the latest medical literature. These respected peer experts also consult with physicians when the tests or treatment plans they order diverge from evidence-based criteria.


Learn more about how HealthHelp effectively manages benefits for Cardiology, Oncology, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Sleep Care, Pain Management and Spine & Joint Surgery.