This Site Assessment Program evaluates the quality of sleep care facilities to give payers even greater confidence in the services they approve.

The SleepSite evaluation process ensures payers that its network of sleep medicine facilities, sleep-study facilities, at-home sleep study programs, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) facilities are all certified. SleepSite stresses that facilities follow industry-best practices and deliver consistently safe, quality care to their patients.

SleepSite Certification Directory

SleepSite has three unwavering tenets:

  • Devotion to patient safety by relying on top-grade health care. 
  • Dedication to reduced health care costs.
  • Determination to boost accredited sleep center quantity and quality.


Onsite and desktop audits ensure the integrity of SleepSite certification by validating the accuracy of reported information and ensuring standards are carried out in day-to-day clinical practices. Audits are also an opportunity for facilities to receive expert guidance in corrective action (as needed) and continuous improvement in such areas as safety, quality clinical practices, and protocols.


HealthHelp evaluates completed assessments and certifies those meeting SleepSite quality and efficiency standards. Facilities that do not initially earn certification, receive assistance to resolve issues within 90 days.
Certification requires that sleep facilities update and re-submit the online assessment prior to expiration to ensure equipment is functioning properly and the technologists administering the tests are appropriately certified.

  • Registered facilities, please login here to continue or update your assessment.
  • If you do not have a login, please register here to enroll your sleep locations online.
  • We are pleased to invite you to our Site Certification Webinar. Please click here for more information.

Payers and Networks

Payers or Networks that use the SleepSite standards and certification process and succeed in having a majority (70%) of their participating facilities meet the requirements qualify for Site Network Certification. An additional level of certification – “with distinction” – awarded when 90% of participating facilities meet the requirements.

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