Consultative Preauthorization

radcert-logoManaging Specialty Costs and Quality


Moving healthcare forward means managing costs while maintaining the quality service our clients have come to expect. HealthHelp’s innovative pre-authorization program, Cert, has proven long-term success by both enhancing physicians’ knowledge and changing ordering patterns.


Cert collaboratively builds physician knowledge with these unique features:

  • Traditional pre-certification services for individual diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology, cardiology tests and implantable devices, and complete radiation and medical oncology treatment plans.

  • Exclusive Medical Imaging Consultant tool to choose options that offer optimal value at lowest risk.

  • The latest evidence-based information arranged by clinical condition.

  • Available consultation with subspecialists from Thomas Jefferson University, the University of Washington, and other renowned medical schools when exam requests and treatment plans don’t correlate with HealthHelp’s clinical guidelines.

  • Appeal support for Cert clients by maintaining case information, providing peer-reviewed literature and assisting payors in person or by phone.